Georgian Journal 34(354)
Alarming Trends: From Forced Marriages to Honor Based Violence
Are women’s rights protected in Georgia? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “No.” Regardless of ethnicity, women’s rights are frequently subject to violation.
Eggplant with walnuts – The king of Georgian cold dishes
The eggplant has a long history in Georgian cuisine. It is thought that eggplant which comes from Persia, was brought to Georgia in XII-XIII centuries.
Ana Akhvlediani – “A mix of Liv Tyler and Bianca Balti”
Italian model agency Brave Models Management is presenting a new face to the world of fashion. Its representatives firmly believe that Ana Akhvlediani, a 19-year-old model from Kutaisi
“I can find beauty everywhere in Georgia” - Gela Charkviani
"Hardly anywhere in the world is there such diversity of nature concentrated in such a small territory (70,000 square kilometers) as it is in Georgia.
CinéDOC-Tbilisi – 1st international documentary film festival in the South Caucasus
“What kind of ideological issues are typical in modern Georgia? This is the question that the film is trying to explore. It is a story of one conflict, played out in a small Georgian village.
Tbilisi Dry Bridge
As I sat going through ‘wires’ this morning, I could not find anything very hot and juicy in the news. So in an attempt of not letting my pen go dry, I hurriedly made for the famous Dry Bridge
What is the Otsneba Brand
I have a difficult time saying what the Georgian Dream Coalition (Otsneba in Georgian) stands for.
A Georgian businessman’s Hollywood story - From taxi driver to billionaire
Temur Sepiashvili, originally Tamir Sapir, a Jewish emigrant from Georgia used to be among the world’s richest people. He died less than a month ago and we will try
Higher pensions in Georgia – what changes will pension reforms bring?
The Ministry of Economy is working hard on a pension reform, which entails a switch to a contribution-based system. Work on this issue has started only recently, and World Bank
Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes
While vaccine makers and drug companies are rushing to bring medical interventions to the market that might address the Ebola pandemic, there’s already a technology available
Do legislative loopholes allow banks to control Georgia’s capital market?
“After the power shift in 2012, the new government headed by Ivanishvili’s political party Georgian Dream pledged to reform the securities regulation and make it more regulated
“Does it matter where one fights against Russians? Jihad is jihad, no matter the place” - Muslim al-Shishani
A week ago, Turkish border guards saw a black flag soaring several kilometers from the Turkish-Syrian border. This could only mean that Islamic State’s onslaught was approaching Turkey.
“They (EPP and EDG), in my view, want the UNM government back” - Exclusive interview with PACE co-rapporteur Michael Jensen
– You visited Georgia before the PACE session as a co-rapporteur with Boris Cilevics. What are your main concerns? What do you think still needs improvement
Will the President Pardon Prisoners with Life Sentences for Humanitarian Reasons?
Editors note: In early 2013 before Margvelashvili was even elected president, the new Georgian government at the initiative of former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili released
The amazing story of Tata – A girl rediscovered in Svaneti 14 years later
Aaron Huey, photographer for National Geographic, took a photo of a little Svanetian girl named Tata in 1999. She was only eight years old back then… The photographer
Chris Botti - “I love Georgia very, very much!”
On October 13th, the company Art Palace with support of the Iavnana charity fund, held a joint concert by world-class trumpet player and Grammy award-winner Chris Botti, as well as
Rtveli – Harvesting grapes, Georgian style
Nobody knows when and how exactly the first grapevine was cultivated in Georgia, but earliest archeological evidence of viniculture that was discovered in Georgia dates back
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