“My words were not understood by the provocateur and adventurer” –Gharibashvili
18 October, 2014
“My words were not understood by the provocateur and adventurer” –Gharibashvili
“My team and I would not accept any word from a person who was a main creator of criminal system, kidnapping, torture, rape and murder, and who is today accused of very heavy crimes", the Prime-Minister of Georgia spoke said in the village Bandza while meeting the population.
"The issue of signing an agreement between Russia and Abkhazia is concerning, as this actually means an annexation. This is exactly what I said. We made a strict statement about this. The so-called self-determination term, mentioned by me, was allegedly not understood by Saakashvili, from which all this horror had been coming in Georgia. Self-determination is within our country. This means that Abkhazians have always had autonomy and we offer them autonomy. My words were not understood by the provocateur and adventurer, who made us lose Kodori, a lot of territories, and whose unreasonable policy resulted in the war in 2008 that
was followed by recognition of Abkhazia and Samachablo by Russia. This is Saakashvili”, the PM said.
According to him, they have to correct Saakashvili's heavy heritage and serious mistakes. “His unreasonable policy is the reason of the occupation of the 20 per cent of our territories and their recognition by Russia. Due to our government's efforts two countries withdrew this recognition, while during Saakashvili’s office five states recognized them. Today this adventurer, who has done nothing and actually has destroyed the country, comes out and makes statements,” the Prime-Minister stated.
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