Dambalkhacho - Georgian delicacy with the status of cultural heritage
17 October, 2014
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Technology used of preparing dambalkhacho (moistened curd), an ancient Pshavian dish, has been awarded the status of non-material cultural heritage recently.
Tamar Navrozashvili, a resident of the village of Chabano in Tianeti region, has been making the Pshavian delicacy for 65 years now. Dambalkhacho is made from buttermilk cottage cheese that remains after churning butter. After salt has been kneaded into lumps of cottage cheese, it is dried on a dzobani – a special webbed grate hung over a medium
flame. Presence of sunlight isn’t allowed during the process. Dried lumps are then placed in clay pots for 2-3 months. This causes the cottage cheese to develop a special kind of mould, which is both delicious and good for health.
Nowadays, compactly populated Pshav regions don’t make dambalkhacho just for family use, but also try to sell it. This mountain delicacy ended up becoming quite popular abroad.

By Natia Leshkasheli, Giorgi Shekiladze
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